We are your long term partner

We do not know how the future looks like, but we are in for the long run. Our goal is to create win-win relationship, simplifying along the way to achieve our common goal to meet the end users needs.

Why us? | We combine the best of 2 worlds.

We are small enough to be agile, yet big enough to create impact with our scale as part of Telenor Group. We are utilizing our own services to our partners – so you will only get the best quality.


What are we striving for? | Simpler Wholesale – Better Retail

We are passionate about being a long term trusted partner for our customers. We are in the same boat and drive simplification in the industry for the better good of end user needs.


How we stay ahead? | Constantly modernising ourselves 

To  maintain a competitive edge, we focus on reskilling and upskilling. Our role is to enable opportunities through our services.

Our Management Team

Employee Journeys