Jay Gupta

There is an increased need and demand for services requireing security and priority in the market, and TGS aims to position itself as one of the major IPXs in the years to come, and to extend its service offering outside of the Telenor Group.

On the 25th of September from 11.40 am our Product Development Director, Jay Gupta, will be holding a roundtable discussion with the interesting topic “What will it take for IPX to gain mainstream acceptance as the best quality alternative to the internet?”

Photo: Jay Gupta, Product Development Director, TGS.




Related questions to this topic are as follows;

  1. The internet had the World Wide Web as its killer application that drove its success, so does IPX need its own killer application to drive its success, if so what would it be?
  2. IPX doesn’t get much mention outside of the Telco Wholesale Arena – Could we do more to market IPX to a wider audience? E.g. The Developer market, Enterprises, Technology Sector, finding “Thought-Leaders” who can advocate IPX.
  3. What is standing in the way of IPX being considered as a quality alternative to the internet? Is the quality itself, the way quality is measured or how we define quality?

We hope to see you at our session and look forward to having an exciting discussion!

Please also stop by our stand number 4 in order to discuss our Telenor Global IPX and our mobile services.

For more information on the Telenor Global IPX and other mobile services, please read the interviews with our CEO on “Future IPX-pectations” and “The Ten IPX Commanders“.