Telenor provides Primetel with industry leading 4G roaming coverage

Primetel and Telenor have signed an agreement for the Global LTE Roaming Exchange. This new partnership provides Primetel customers with industry leading 4G roaming coverage to ensure an enhanced user experience.

While travelling, roaming customers show an increased demand for services, be they international calls, multimedia content, downloading applications and accessing email or social media. The LTE Roaming Exchange provides cost efficient, quality of service and flawless customer experience for roamers. Through Telenor’s Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Primetel will now be able to offer 270 global 4G networks, including the 13 Telenor operations worldwide.

“We are delighted to offer Primetel our service and help them take a market leader position. They will be a front runner in Cyprus to offer inbound LTE Roaming. The launch will provide improved call quality and benefits both Telenor’s and Primetel’s direct peering partners by enabling 4G roaming in each other’s networks”, says Ronny Johnsen, CMO of Global Wholesale, the international wholesale unit of Telenor. “With this improved position, Primetel can easily offer new value added services to their customers by quickly adapting to changing market situations”, adds Ronny Johnsen.

“We have a long-standing and important relationship with Telenor, and we are very satisfied with their ability to understand our needs and complex challenges in deploying LTE roaming. Through their extensive experience and ability for fast development of services, we are now able to offer high quality 4G roaming to our customers”, says Theodosiou, CCO of Primetel. “Telenor has been a pioneer with LTE Roaming, both globally and in many local markets. Their extensive global 4G coverage is of significant importance as it allows for quality roaming in both our networks.”

About Telenor

Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with more than 200 million mobile subscribers and mobile operations in 13 markets worldwide.

Telenor is a quality-focused international mobile carrier in international roaming, voice, roaming connect solutions and connectivity services such as LTE Roaming Exchange, GSM Roaming Signaling, GRX, SMS P2P and A2P. Our services are delivered and produced over our high quality IPX Compliant MPLS/IP Network. More than 20 years of experience and focus on Quality of Service allows us to be a market leader in delivering high quality services at competitive rates to 300+ mobile and fixed operators globally, including international services to Telenor’s 13 mobile markets.

Global Wholesale is the international wholesale business unit handling all international roaming and interconnects for all Telenor companies.

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Ronny Johnsen, CMO
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About Primetel

Primetel is one of the leading providers of Mobile, Broadband, Fixed telephony, and Television services in Cyprus. Founded in 2003 the company has invested in an advanced network that remains to this day one of its most competitive assets.

The company’s international network extends to Germany, Greece, Russia and the United Kingdom underlining its active contribution to the area making the most out of the geographical significance of Cyprus’ location. With its advanced and independent national broadband network, Primetel is able to offer to both Individual and Business customers a variety of complete communication solutions, aiming to meet the market’s need for quality, reliability and economy. Being considered one of the most active wholesale carriers in the region, Primetel is able to offer a variant range of wholesale voice services, data connectivity and colocation.

In 2014, PrimeTel secured the license for a 3rd Mobile Network in Cyprus evolving from Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and currently operates its own private 4G mobile Network.

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