Telenor and Telekom Austria Group enable LTE/4G roaming connection between 220 million subscribers worldwide.

Oslo/Vienna, May 28, 2015; Telekom Austria Group and Telenor Global Services today established an LTE Roaming peering interconnection that will benefit mobile network operator (MNO) customers of both companies by enabling a consistent, high quality LTE roaming experience for their subscribers.

The peering agreement allows the two leading mobile groups to expand their LTE/4G global footprint with a potential reach of 220 million subscribers across countries in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia. The partnership with Telekom Austria Group is one of several peering agreements already established, and contributes to a complete LTE/4G coverage for Telenor Global Services MNO customers, enabling travellers to access high speed data services when they are abroad.

The new interconnection leverages on the company’s existing GRX peering agreement, as well as each company’s IP eXchange (IPX). A rapidly growing number of interconnected operators are leveraging the global IPX ecosystem to add value for their subscribers by utilizing IPX-enabled components, including Signaling/S6a and S9 (Diameter), Data/S8 and VoLTE, to deliver a complete LTE Roaming solution.

“Mobile subscribers are increasingly expecting high quality access to their services whether they are at home or travelling,” states Stefan Amon, Director Wholesale of Telekom Austria Group. “Through partnerships with proven providers we are expanding our reach and making the global LTE Roaming experience a reality. Telekom Austria Group reports a customer base of approximately 23 million retail customers who will benefit enormously from these enhanced services.”

“The agreement with Telecom Austria Group is a further evidence of our commitment to deliver quality services to our subscribers, who are increasingly demanding greater speed, end-to-end quality, security and reach. This LTE Roaming peering is important to both parties as it enables two mobile groups to expand their LTE/4G global footprint and thus to provide its end users with world class 4G coverage when travelling within each other’s area of footprint ” says Bjørn Iversen, CMO at Telenor Global Services.


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